Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM. SEO. PPC. SMM. CTR. Our guess is that it sounds like alphabet soup to most people, but us, it’s part of our everyday vocabulary. We love this stuff. Internet marketing makes the business world go ’round. We can help you achieve your business goals by incorporating different strategies that pertain to your business. The results can be astounding!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Business does not thrive on website alone. Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is like chumming the waters for sharks. You’re going to attract attention.  This internet marketing strategy can help you in the long-term by organically driving traffic to your site and being found on search engines across the board.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Rapidly becoming the future of internet marketing, SMM should reside in everyone’s marketing toolbox.  Selling by not selling – building relationships and fostering them through online engagement is the name of the game.  Using the internet to promote your ideas and products virally is a great tactic to build new business. With so many social media venues out there, allow us to help sort out which one’s would best suit your business.

Brand Reputation Management

How is your brand perceived by the public? What are they saying about you and the services you offer? Consumer behavior is driven by peer reviews.  One or two bad reviews (left unmanaged) can start a downward spiral to losing business.  Would you rather have a 1 ½ star rating or a 5 star? We thought so. If your brand reputation is important to you, give us a call. We can develop a strategy that will get you the most benefit from your online presence.

Pay Per Click Consultation (PPC)

This internet marketing strategy can be very effective for specific industries and niche markets— supplementing traffic and the ramp up time needed for search engine optimization and other marketing campaigns.  PPC is an effective, highly-targeted marketing strategy but only if properly utilized. We can help you by minimizing the learning curve and by effectively managing your hard earned cash wisely.